Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Creative Block in progress....

I was having a major creative block yesterday and didn't get a single project done in the morning... at least not one that I liked! I decided to post a couple of my favorite projects from last weekends VSN.
I really love this vacation outfit! It was cut from Phoebe paper - I drew the outfit on the back of the paper, then cut it out and added the faux stitching. The flower was an afterthought because it was sitting in my scrap pile. I added the saying with Karen Foster snap stamps. This challenge was posted by Jeanne S on SCS.
The second card was made for a challenge posted by Dawn L & her daughter Amber. I used the tie dye technique for the background - what a fun techinique!! I've never used it before but love the results... especially a hit with my 14 year old DD!
1. Cut 4.25 x 5.5 sheet of glossy cardstock.
2. Cut wax paper a little larger than glossy cardstock.
3. Fold wax paper in half, then in half again. Continue folding it into pie shape wedges until it's as small as it can get. Then crumple the paper. You want as many folds as you can get!
4. Unfold wax paper and place over glossy carstock. Put another sheet of paper on top of wax paper and iron.
5. Ink glossy background. I used a sponge and colors from the bold bright color famlily. The wax resists the ink, so you'll see a really cool background appear! There is also a great tutorial on SCS by Beate - she's the best!
If you try the Wax paper resist on a card please email me (blog@clothingcorner.com)! If I get a few cards emailed to me I'll put them in a gallery here on the blog. Thanks for looking!


LSN2 said...

Both of those cards are just gorgeous (it amazes me that you made these beauties in 45 minutes or less). My favorite has to be the Tie Dye wax resist one though (it's a cool technique that I'll have to do more of).

Linda (LSN on SCS)

memah@isp.com said...

Only you could do something different and still sneak a flower in there! love it!
Cindy P.

ikkinlala said...

I love that tie dye one!

April Hall said...

Love these cards. I'm digging the wax paper background, i'll have to give that a shot!

Julia Stainton said...

These are both adorable! My fave is the first one! SOOOO Cute! what a fabulous idea! Love your blog and your creations. I'm going to add you to my blog roll if that's ok...let me know!

tina werner said...

wow, very cool re: wax technique... i'm going to have to try this one out with my stamper 10 group... they'll love it. thanks for sharing!!!

Peggy said...

You are really making me want that Big Blooms set!! I love the colors of the card -- and can't wait to try this technique!

monika/buzsy said...

I hope tomorrow will be a better day... Love the tie-dye was resist card. The colors are just wonderful and the flowers look great. TFS!


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