Friday, January 04, 2013

Cleaning the desk & using the scraps

I really needed to clean off my stamping table from all the scraps of paper I used last week.  I've been putting them in a pile meaning to file them away with the other scraps, but decided to combine all of them into a card instead.  All the dp scraps were pieced onto kraft paper card blank.  I tried to go with the original sizes as much as I could without trimming and somehow got it to work.  The ribbon was also left over from a another card, worked colorwise with the rest of the paper.  I used the my new favorite polka dot die for the background behind the owl, but since he was kinda blending in to the kraft color, I added an ivory circle.  

Thanks for looking.... next post will be #500.  Maybe I need to stretch myself a little and work on something besides a card for that?


Bren said...

What a great scrap card Michelle. I need to learn a thing or two about that.

ting kuke said...

I need to learn a thing or two.

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ting kuke said...

Great waste card michelle. I need to learn that a thing or two
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