Tuesday, July 29, 2008

20th Class Reunion Weekend!

This past weekend was my 20th class reunion - so I was a bit busy running around with dinners, picnics and alot of time at the local bar! Here are some pics to share...
This is a mimic of a picture from our senior trip. I can't get my scanner to work to post the original though!! I'm not really that short either... I was standing a little downhill!

Second picture is of my daughters in front of a waterfall. Isn't it pretty??

This is my youngest swinging on a swing... my dd took some pictures of me swinging too.... but they won't get posted!
Last pic is my oldest dd. She was bored towards the end of the picnic and decided to shoot some self portraits. I edited it with a focal black and white look. I love this effect!

I actually did get some cards done today but they aren't ready to post yet. I've been playing with different types of vellum to see which ones work best with Copic markers since I've had alot of questions on that technique. I'll post my findings when I'm done!


Janine said...

Beautiful daughters Michelle!! Looked like a great time!!

Laura said...

I love the b&w self portrait of your daughter. Both your girls are gorgeous! Looks like you had a good time at the picnic.

Belas Creating Place said...

Michelle your daughters are so pretty and photogenic. Great photos. You did a great job with your oldest DD's self portrait enhancement. Looked like a very fun time.


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