Sunday, December 09, 2007

Writing up my Christmas list!

The names that were randomly picked for my Christmas Card list this year are:

Lori Evers - Bliss Ink

Tricia - Simply Stamping

Robbie - Inked x 2

Pam - Indigo Studio


Kevin & Amy

Please email me your address at - I'll be mailing cards this week.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments that were left on these posts - I read and treasure each and every one!


DeniseLynn said...

I made the list!! I made the list! I'm just bouncin with excitement here in Michigan. Woohooo!!

Wendy L. said...

Well now I'm bummed, I didn't make your Christmas list. Your post on Dec. 6 said you weren't picking names til monday. Oh well. I still enjoyed all your cards and I really love visiting your blog every day. Thanks for all your hard work!
Wendy L.

Kevin & Amy said...

Whoo hoo! Thanks so much, Michelle:)

4Hounds said...

WoooHoooo---I'm on The List!! I'm SO excited!! You DO know that I'm going to have to put it in a frame, don't you?? I can't wait to have a real-life, fabulous Flaxychick creation!! You've made my day---Thank you SO much!! Happy Holidays! Pam (4Hounds)

Tricia said...

I got your card today!! Thank you, Thank you!! :) It was beautiful!


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