Friday, April 06, 2007

And the winner is....

Diane!! She left the following comment...
"Diane said...
I am going to have to buy a papertrey set. Your cards are beautiful. The 1st is my favorite. - Diane" CONGRATULATIONS!!
The other winner was the Sew Basic Grey card... it won by ONE VOTE!! After tallying up the votes Card #1 had 29, Card #2 had 29 and Card #3 had 30 - WOW was that close!
I have the votes from previous days tallied up and will post them one of these days on the corresponding post. It is pretty interesting to see which one will be the most popular card out of the bunch. It's also fun because I'm beginning to know they style of my some of my readers so I can guess which one they'll pick even before reading their post. All in all it's just lots of fun!
ABOUT TODAYS CARD... I just love the way this one turned out! I used Basic Grey Blush 6x6 paper, and cut some leaves and flowers out to pop up on dimensionals. The really cool chipboard flower is from Maya Road chipboard collection - I bought it at Eclecticpaperie. The organdy ribbon was threaded through the flower, then wrapped around the back of the BG paper to show back up around the next corner.
I have the tutorial done on the Tie Dye technique and ready to post on my other website when I get home later today. I would post it here but it is such a pain to play with the layout on blogspot. I'm actually thinking about changing over to typepad and would love input from anyone on which service is better. I just signed up for 30 day free trial on typepad so I'll go play a bit and see what it's like.
Everyone have a Happy Easter! I'm going to visit my parents for a few days so I probably won't be posting over the weekend at all.


Virginia aka Ginny said...

I just now learned of your blog and must say I am duly impressed with your talent. I wish I had this kind of card making skills!

Where do I learn that way cool tie die background technique? Thanks for sharing your is all very lovely. :)

Allison said...

Your card today looks pretty with all the layers and that BG blush!

snowmom13 said...

Love the card!
Looking forward to that tie dye tutorial. Make sure you give us a link to your other website ;0)
Happy Easter to you!
Anette (snowmom13)

tina werner said...

Happy Easter to you!!!

Melissa said...

Seriously, your cards put me to shame! Keep up the great work!

tina werner said...

congrats diane!!!

daisydoodle01 said...

Love the card! Your talent is amazing. Look forward to more outstanding cards.

jen del muro (scs: genie1314) said...

come play in my challenge with your papertrey sets!! love love love what you have done with them so far!!!

cindy b. said...

WOWZERS!! That card is simply stunning! Love it!!

Christy said...

I just came across your site today and your cards are amazing!

mar said...

Wonderful cards!!
So fun and vivacious!
I have changed my style drastically thanks to you.

But...I keep looking to see if you're back yet with new inspirations. :( Hurry back!!!
We miss you!!


Lindsey said...

Oh WOW! What a teriffic card! Just stunning!

Anonymous said...

Wow-- really pretty card!!! I love this design and size of card-- looks great!!!


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