Friday, June 19, 2009

Tri-Shutter Cards

I recently came across some tri-shuttered cards on sCS and just LOVED the look! I've been making the top version for all the graduation parties that my dd is invited to. They are really a pretty easy card to make but look really complicated at the same time.

The bottom card was made for today's International challenge on SCS so I used french stamps.

Thanks for looking & let me know what you think


Bren said...

WOW! that does look complicated. I love it though. Very interesting. The graduates should be very happy with that card.
Keep up the good work. I love your cards!

Brandi Parshley said...

Love it! So gorgeous and so different from a standard card!

Gram E. Bear said...

I really like these tri-shutter cards, but have been "chicken" to try yet. Love the beautiful, cool colors in your "Merci" card. The grads will be awe struck with their card. TFS {{{hugs}}}

lauren said...

well these definitely *DO* look complicated... (not to mention sophisticated, gorgeous & FAB!) ...but i suppose i'll have to trust you when you say they aren't that difficult to make... (but WOW--they really do look amazing!) ♥

Anonymous said...

Hello from Northern Alberta. I think I like the "a little note" the best.
I have been following your blog on a daily basis since I found it. Saw your tri shutter card and simply had to try it. Thanks so much.
Val at bigsister_val at hotmail dot com

Miss Em said...

They really do look difficult to make but are so stunning. I will have to attempt it.

Ramona Michaluk said...

Love your versions of this type of card - beautiful combinations!

I've just discovered your blog and will visit again - love your work!!

(I've just made two of these recently and just love this shape - have plans to make more soon.)


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