Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Twisted Chick Second ATC Swap

The first ATC swap was a huge success - plus lots of fun! We had over 40 participants who sent in the most gorgeous ATCs imaginable... definitely one of the best swaps I've participated in (much less hosted).

I planned on having the second swap be a product challenge with paper and embellishments that I supplied. Unfortunately I only purchased enough supplies for 25 swaps and I have more that that interested in participating, so I'm opening up a second swap as well. This one is a COLOR CHALLENGE. Here are the swap details:

Colors: Orange and Turquoise + any color of your choice

Size: ATC (3.5" x 2.5" - see the template at Mirkwood designs)

Quantity: Groups of 10 cards - if you'd like to take 2 spots then send 20

Postage: For US participants send 5 stamps in a plastic baggie NOT attached to the self addressd envelope - that way can apply the correct postage to your package. If you'd like me to reuse the envelope you sent the swaps in then send an addressed shipping label. International participants can pay postage by paypal.

DUE DATE: April 15 - I'd like to have them back in the mail by 4/20.

You will NOT get one of your cards back, so make an extra for yourself!

Sign up by emailing me at blog@clothingcorner.com and I'll send you my address.

I can't wait to see everyone's creations for this swap - I wasn't too sure about the colors, but LOVE a challenge! So when I worked on 2 groupings yesterday and found out how much I LOVED this combo I figured I'd open it up to everyone. Thanks for reading & participating!


4Hounds said...

The ATC's I received from the first swap are phenomenal! Can't wait to get started on the second one. I knew you'd come up with a good challenge....and if you knew how 'orange-challenged' I am, you'd know how much I'm sweatin' this! :-) I'm going to have to put some thought into these, that's for sure!

DeniseLynn said...

Oh Michelle - me too ... I loved all the swaps I received. Everyone did a great job. I'll e-mail you at once because I don't want to miss out on the fun. *wink* even if the colors might seem a huge challenge ... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Belas Creating Place said...

You are very popular and I can see why. I have my 2nd ATC swap ready to go for Thursday to be mailed out to you. Thanks for challenge me, I made over 10 with the papers. I really like the colours too, very summer like. Thanks for hosting.

Feenie said...

Thanks to you, the AWESOME hostess--the hostess with the mostess :) ;)--and all the participants of the first ATC swap!!!! All the ATC's were great and I love them all!. My girls have a "game" where they take a group of ATC's and pick their fave from each of 5 or so groups and then then pick their fave from the faves to see who is the winner. Well, they used the group of ATC's that were from this swap and asked me to play, but I seriously couldn't pick! Thanks everyone!!!
And I would like 2 spots in this next one, too. I'll have to admit that this will be my first color challenge--for some odd, unexplainable reason, color challenges make me uncomfortable. So, we'll see what happens.
Thanks for these great swaps, Michelle. They are so much better than some of the swaps I have participated on some boards.@hotmail.com

erinkmckinney (stampininthesun) said...

This sounds like fun! I'd love to join if there is space.
(I emailed you)


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