Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Goodies in the Mail!

I had a bunch of new goodies arrive today from some of shopping sprees last weekend!! This first card is made with a stamp set from Lizzie Anne Designs which I purchased from Jacksonbelle Embellishments. I was gonna post a link to her store... but went over to her forum on SCS and noticed her recent post... she is closing her store for a few weeks while she moves. I'm gonna miss her (though my paypal account won't) - I'm always popping over to her store for a little treat! Her shipping charges are usually cheaper than it costs for me to get in my car and drive to the LSS or JoAnns!

Anyways... this card was made with my new stamp set. I wanted a bold looking card, with vibrant yellows and lots of contrast... This design was being WAY too symetrical so I had to shake it up a bit. I took the main, matted image and glued it down on a diagonal, then trimmed the excess corner and re-glued them down on the card corners. The sentiment is nice and squared up, but everything else is just a little out of wack. I kinda like this design

The second card just doesn't look finished to me, but I couldn't figure out what was missing! I stamped the image with colobox pigment ink, then used a little SU chalk to fill in the flower and ground the image. The edges were distressed with brown ink. I stamped the orchid background with Tulle from CHF in eggplant ink. I added some dark purple ribbon and matting and sewed the layers together on my sewing machine.

The color combo is interesting. I have so much of this orchid cardstock. It's one of those colors that almost never gets touched!! I like it with the artichoke, white and dark purple though.

1. I had a few people ask about liquid embossing fliud I used on the Far East projects and to secure Dew Drops. It's from All Night Media and can be viewed HERE

2. The measurements and score lines for the pocket accordian card. STart with 12 x 7.25 cardstock. Score at 2" on the short side. Score along long side at 4", 7" & 10". Trim the 2" long scores and fold pockets over. Attach with brads. You'll have 4 pockets (one 2", two 3", one 4"). HTH

3. The ATC swap is now full. I am also full for the March/April Swap. I am working on ideas for the May swap... so if you have suggestions please email me at The response has been amazing - and so are the cards that have already arrived!

Thanks for reading - have a great day!


leenda said...

GORGEOUS artwork!

Janine said...

I love the flower card. I think having such a contrast in color is beautiful and I am partial to black. Really looking forward to the next swap and what comes back in the mail !!

pescbrico said...

Your second card is just perfect to me! The first one too by the way.

Sarah D said...

I love them both, I thought that I would tell you that when a card looks incompeat to me I go for the box of HPH a hand full of brads always do the trick!!!!

stampqueen said...

Alright I love it all - I've had to work the last few days (12 hr shifts) so hadn't checked in - Wow - I love the yellow lotus card the best and then the Animae from Gina K - and the bug accordian cards too...and the second card on this post, and the first card - love how you offset it.... :)

Stacy said...

I love, love that yellow and black card. It gives the eyes so much to do. Just beautiful. TFS!

Stampin' Meg said...

yum- what sumptuous colors on your cards- they are such eye candy!


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