Monday, January 07, 2008

Help Me Make A List....

First off I want to announce the winner of the box and card set.... It's Phyllis!!! She was lucky number 91 and left the following comment:

Phyllis said...
This is stunning - amazing colors. You can turn anything into gold! You have awesome talent, girl.

Congratulations!! I'll email you for your addresss.

Still making packages... but I used an altered peanut can for this project rather than a box. The set was made with one of the new stamp sets from My Favorite Things - it'll be released on Wednesday. Speaking of Wednesday... don't forget to join us for the release party in the MFT formum on SCS. Last month it was soooooo much fun! I'm one of the hostesses for the guest designer challenge, and I'd love it if you'd participate!

The designer paper for this project is from K&Company's Wild Saffron line - I just can't get enough of this stuff!! There is a felt flower/embellishment in the corner that my friend Arin shared with me from a cool pack she bought last time she was visiting - Thanks Arin!

I covered the peanut container with the dp, then used my circle cutter to cut out the piece for the top. I measured the lid, set the measurement on the cutter.... and lo and behold it actually came out right!! I love when that happens. The scalloped square stamp fits the pink marvy scalloped square punch, very convenient!

I stamped the flowers ink chalk ink, then cut them out and glued them on the main image. The ends are curled up a little to give them some dimension. I added stickles to the flower centers and the dots on the frame.

I'd love to hear what you'd put in this container... my first thought is chocolate (of course), but are sooooo many other little goodies out there! Help me brainstorm and come up with a list of things to put in all the containers we make/alter. Post as many times as you think of something - I want a nice long list that we can all refer to whenever we make a box/container as a gift. Thanks for reading!


Cathy said...

Your projects are so beautiful.
Ok here are some of my thoughts:
Stampers-again relating to stamping. Of course that is a given.

gift cards
T-Shirts (Rolled Up)
Golf Balls
Bath Items
Playing cards
Hot Chocolate, Coffee, or Tea

Hope this helps with the list.

Anonymous said...

Just a couple ideas:
- You could make your own bath salts using epsom salts scented with essential oils to put in.
- Daily inspirational thoughts.
- Cookie mix with the recipe
- STAMPS!!!!
- Tickets to an event/movie/play

Love the new tin, will be scrounging through my storage shelves for more things to alter! Good luck with the list!

craftea19 said...

Hello! I am envious of your talent!
Thanks for having a blog, and for posting your creations on scs. How about putting those tiny bottles of nail polish in your container with the small nail files? Or couple new stamps with embellishments for the fellow stamper?? I have a one track mind! LOL Sorry!

Sandra Smart said...

I love this! What a great job you did!

Molly B said...

The first thing I thought of to go in this particular can was some flower seed packets. Mohters Day is so close to planting time. and the flowers on the front are a great fit. With a DD that is turning 16 today, her answer would be CASH.... :) Great project. -Molly B

Phyllis said...

Wow, I can't believe I won the blog candy - you fabulous card and box. Thanks a million.

Phyllis Strickland

Here are some ideas for the peanut can

Alcohol ink
A variety of brads, rhinestones,etc
Rolls of ribbon

NON stamping
Handmade glycerin soap in cellophane wrap with matching label.
Bath bombs, you can make them yourself
Small silky scarf
Glove if not too bulky
Slinky underwear
Smal knickknacks

Mindy said...

I was thinking along the same line as MollyB-- Wild Flower Seeds! That paper just looks like wild flowers! Thanks for sharing! I have several peanut cans I saved from the holidays. Time to get to work!


DeniseLynn said...

Oh my - another fabulous set!! I'm drooling here just looking at the yummy color combo on this one. things I though of are already noted mostly. I was also thinking:
-beads (for those who do bead work)
-Favorite Quotes (each on a little paper; I love stuff like that).
-I have a little box filled with slips of paper and whenever someone compliments me I write it down and then when I'm feeling down I can pull 'em out and my spirits are lifted.
-colored pencils (for the artsy ones)
-unpopped popcorn (my mom would love that!)
-M&M's in colors that match the packaging.

Ok so I've listed things I would like to get mostly. hee hee. Keep up the great work; you always inspire me!

Angel Wilde said...

Great projects as usual!!

Candy said...

Wow this is fabulous Michelle!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute for words!! I have to go to pantry & empty out those cans!! The lists of ideas are great! good for Secret Sister gifts. Thanks for the inspiration once again! Esther

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I don't really blog or comment much - this is my first time commenting. I had to tell you that both you and Pam (4hounds) have really inspired me to make better cards! Thank you for your wonderful art work and sharing. How do I send you a photo of my recent card? You and I are on the same wave length with the Saffron paper!!
Wanda Guess
Fair Oaks, CA

Ideas for containers:
candy (always!)
personalized note cards
gift cards
photos - of you and the person
dog lover: bones, leash, etc
cat lover: mouse, treats, etc

Lenee said...

Love your work it's beautiful

Put the Peanuts back in, or maybe Lemon Heads.

inkedx2 said...

Love your projects. I am thinking out of the box here. Rig up a spring in the bottom so that when you open it the contents pop up and fly all over. Then fill it with the following with the saying to go along with it:

punched flowers - Happy Spring"
punched suns - "To Brighten your day!"
punched raindrops and flowers" - "April Showers bring May Flowers"
punched apples - "You are the apple of my eye"

Just a few ideas
1 :)

Dawn Easton said...

Gorgeous projects! Love the bright cheerfulness of them!

I covered something similar just the other day and I was thinking of putting some little 3x3 notecards and envelopes in it.

The girls all gave such great ideas!

Jessie said...

You have been one of my favorite stampers for awhile and I just wanted to let you know. I have to agree with some of the others, these are wonderful. Besides chocolate, you could do
jewelry, little hand lotions, manicure/pedicure stuff, gift cards, if you have children you could put pictures they drew or notes they have written.

Kim said...

You can put in chocolates and send it to me! HA! Stunning!

jen del muro said...


Monika/Buzsy said...

Great set! Love the little flowers... and the frame... I don't know if I can add to this list... craft items for sure... TFS!

Tami in OH said...

Primas! :)

Love this - so very pretty!

Janine said...

I ordered my new sets last night and I can hardly wait for them to get here... You some fabulous work !!!

riggy said...

I love your project. It is just beautiful. I am going to try one using the can, for my mom. She loves peppermints, so I thought I would try to do a can and card set, filling it with her favorite mints for Mother's day. She is 86yrs. so I think it is something that she would really enjoy. I love visiting your many beautiful cards and ideas.

Queen bee said...

i have a question.. what did you use to glue the paper to the container. so that it would stick?


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