Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ad Inspiration Revisited

A few days ago posted about finding inspiration in ads and urged you guys to go find some ad inspiration as well. Here are a few of the project links I received:

- Sue Farrant found inspiration from a package of face cream - look at the beautiful paper that was on the inside of the package! I love the card she made using Mixed Bouquet to mimic the paper pattern - just gorgeous!
Karen Stamps! on SCS made this card from a Zest soap ad. I really love the contrast between the warm background and the cool splash of color on her tag (It's posted on SCS - so be sure to leave her a comment!)

- Kim Scholfield posted this card on her blog Colorful World - she found her inspiration in a Hallmark catalog - love the bright colors she used for this card!

Ashley B found inspiration in a kitchen appliance ad with this great card posted on her blog Stamps and Flowers. I especially love all the layers and the use of brown on this card.

This pretty inspiration card was made by Jenn Nahrstadt (Jenn in GA SCS). I love the colors she used - and the deisgner paper is the perfect match with the skirt.
Thanks all of you for playing! If anyone else has ad inspiration projects please email me at blog@clothingcorner.com and I'll add them to this post.


Tracy Durcan said...

These are FABULOUS ladies!!

Beth F said...

You are so talented. I think that I have been very lucky to have found this blog. I love every card you have done. Im a little afraid to get my feet wet, with your sketches, but I will. Thanks for all your inspirations.

DeniseLynn said...

Wow all the cards are so stunning! I am thrilled to see what others have done ... you all have inspired me. Michelle, thanks for urging us to see, be inspired and go for it!!

Alex said...

Hi Michelle

I would like to tag you to reveal 7 things about yourself and then to tag 7 others to do the same!!! , good luck as this is beginning to get difficult now, it is different than the prev tagging, he he

Kim said...

Here's another one from that same Hallmark catalog! Great inspiration in that catalog...and I suppose there should be, seeing as it's a card company! ;-)

Latest post (4/23) on my blog:

Stephanie said...

Wow, they are all so creative! Amazing. :D

Lisa said...

WOW.. I love Jenn's card. What beautiful colors.

Colleen Schaan said...

Great inspiration...I love finding colors and layouts in ads.


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